Project Self Sufficiency – March 4th, 2021

March 4, 2021

J.M. Rodgers visited Project Self sufficiency today delivering food and household supplies to those in need during some of the items that people need aren't always what you expect so we called ahead and brought exactly what they needed (Toothpaste, Detergent, Baby wipes etc.) Project Self sufficiency is a non profit charitable organization that provides food, housing, and health services to those in need around the tri state area. J.M. Rodgers is always proud to support their effort.

Find Out If You Qualify For Duty Drawback

 If you or your business imports and export goods to and from the United States, it’s possible that  you may qualify for duty drawback, which is a 99% refund on goods imported into the United States that are subsequently exported . Even if you don’t do both, you may still be able to qualify as long as but importing and exporting happen along your supply chain.